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Parking Lot Crack & Pothole Repair Services

No matter what your business, you don’t want customers to remember the massive pothole in your parking lot that knocked their wheels out of alignment. While that may be an extreme example, a customer’s first impression starts in the parking lot, and you want to make it as easy to get into your building as possible.

Our pothole repair service complements our other sweeping services, going beyond competitors to make sure your parking lot is not only clean, but completely functional and safe.

There are several pothole repair methods, which we can explain the pros and cons of each, depending on your situation.

Don’t Fall Through the Cracks

While potholes are easy to spot, cracks are, unfortunately, easy to ignore. Because of that, crack filling is one of the most overlooked aspects of parking-lot maintenance. It shouldn’t be, though, because fixing cracks is actually one of the most important ways to extend the life of your pavement.

Especially in West Michigan, we understand how hard winters are on pavement, and it’s a given you will find cracks in your parking lot. West Michigan Sweeper uses only 100% virgin hot rubberized crack filler, which prevents water from reaching the base, where it could otherwise cause complete sub-base failure.

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