Line Striping

Parking Lot Line Striping, Bollards & Signage

One of the most important aspects of parking lot maintenance is line striping. How will people know they’re in a spot if they can’t see the lines? It goes far beyond that, though. You need a company with the expertise and experience to ensure you are complying with ADA regulations, have the appropriate, high-quality lines in the right places, as well as car stops, concrete bollards, speed bumps and everything else that makes your parking lot functional and safe.

West Michigan Sweeper are experts in parking lot striping, and also welcome custom jobs such as running tracks, basketball, and tennis courts and anything you can conceive.

Single Stalls to Shopping Malls

Whether you need parking lot striping for a single stall or a massive development, WMS has the right people, the best equipment and the knowhow to properly scale any job.

The end goal, as always, is to give you a parking lot of which you can be proud. Your visitors and customers should be able to navigate your lot easily and safely, and our expertise in parking lot layouts will be invaluable to making sure you have the right signs in the right places, high-quality lines and bollards and everything else you need.

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