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Parking Lot Cleaning & Trash Porter Service

There are two main benefits, among many others, to using West Michigan Sweeper for your porter services:

  • Your visitors, customers and employees will be impressed at the cleanliness, orderliness and overall look and feel of your building.
  • You will save a tremendous amount of money in property-maintenance costs.

The general upkeep of your facility is massively important to visitors, even if subconsciously. Plus, taking care of the little things now prevents them from becoming big problems later.

With West Michigan Sweeper, you can schedule porter services alongside, in addition to, or instead of our other parking lot services.

Customized Parking Lot Service

As with all our services, we customize our solution for you and your facility. Often, our porter services work in conjunction with your sweeping schedule, which keeps your property impeccably clean at all times. If your sweeping needs aren’t as frequent, our porter services go a long way to keep things tidy in between sweeps, with our team collecting litter and other debris between sweeps.

No matter your property size or budget, we can customize a porter schedule for you to keep your property clean and presentable.

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