Frequently asked questions for each service, and overall services.


Do you sweep in the winter?

Yes we do. We sweep covered parking areas and dry parking lots.

Are all the sweepers the same?

There a 3 different classes of sweepers and each one is designed to do a specific job.
1. Mechanical Sweepers
2. Vacuum Sweepers
3. Re-genitive Air Sweepers

What kind of sweeper do I need for my job?

Call us and we can perform a complementary site assessment and direct you in the right direction.

Parking lot sweeping in my area?

The answer is always yes. If we can’t help you, we belong to many associations and have lots of relationships with other companies that can help.

Does sweeping help the environment?

Yes, controlling storm water runoff and fugitive dust particles are 2 major issues we deal with daily.

Are the laws changing in my area?

The laws are always changing. In Grand Rapids, the way they calculate permeable surfaces are creating more maintenance for property managers and owners.

How to clean pours concrete and asphalt?

Routine sweeping with a re-genitive air truck

Porter Services

How can porter service save me money?

This service can be supplemented for sweeping in certain locations to save money.

Line Striping

Are there different kinds of paint?

Yes, there is water base and oil base paints. Each has their own benefit, call us and we can help you choose what is the best for your application.

What are the advantages to line striping?

Line stripping adds organization and order to your parking lot. This promotes a safe environment.

How long should the lines last?

This takes a lot of different things into account. Surface type, condition, traffic, location and surrounding environment.

Can I strip cement Surfaces?

Yes, but most likely it will need to be redone every year.

Pothole Repair

Is InfraRed better than traditional patching?

This is something that people disagree on. We have found that infrared is cheaper to perform, but in our area we get more longevity from traditional patching.

Why patch pot holes?

Potholes will continue to grow once they have started. They can cause damage to cars, cause accidents and slip and fall issues.

Crack Filling

Is it better to router out cracks?

By routering out cracks, it helps prevent the hot and cold we have in our area from pushing out the rubber.

What are the benefits to crack filling?

The major benefit is to keep your surface water tight and prevent damage and deterioration.


What are the benefits to Sealcoating?

This helps keep the suns UV rays from drying out and breaking down the topcoat of your surface.

Are all Sealcoating mixes the same?

A lot of them are similar, but some are better than others.

Power Washing

Is hot water better?

In most cases, hot water is better because it helps prevent etching and damage to the surfaces. With this being said, hot water isn’t for everything and can cause damage as well. It also helps with using less chemicals.

Is mobile water better?

Mobile water is convenient to help where water is available or having hoses stretched out all over the place.